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B-Space Invader (33cl)

Preis 3,25 €

Cuvée du Fou (33cl)

Preis 3,25 €

Maciste (33CL)

Blonde / Bitter / Resinous

A nod to the great double IPAs that made this style so popular, Maciste is our own take to the genre, sporting truckloads of american hops this is one of our biggest and boldest IPAs ever made.

Alcohol: 8,5%
Plato: 17,7

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 3,50 €

Skizoid (33cl)

Preis 3,25 €

Zona Cesarini (33CL)

Blonde / Bitter / Tropical

“Zona Cesarini” is an Italian slang for “the eleventh hour”.

By adding as many hops as possible at the very last moment available,
our selection of Japanese, American,
Australian and New Zealand varieties releases an outstanding burst of tropical fruit aromas that has to be smelled to be believed.

Alcohol: 6,6%
Plato: 13,8

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 3,25 €