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Blonde Gluten Free (33CL)

Pouring hazy blonde capped by a generous creamy white head. Its aroma is full of vibrant fruity notes, in particular citrus, and herbal and floral scents.

On the tongue you’ll find more citrus, herbs and floral touches, accompanied by spices, malt and cereals, leading to a bitter, lightly fruity finish.

Alcohol: 6,8%
Plato: 13
EBC: 10
IBU: 25

Calorie: 38kcal / 159kj

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 2,50 €

Ipa Gluten Free (33CL)

Citrus from the Simcoe dry hopping and toast from malt flavor.

Bubbles are thin and light. The beer is dry as all Caulier beers.

The taste wille settle gently in your mouth and give you a perception of freshness that comes from the natural carbonation eliminating all carbs.

Alcohol: 5%
Plato: 9
EBC: 8
IBU: 30

Calorie: 28kcal

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 2,75 €

Triple Gluten Free (33CL)

This is not an ordinary Belgium sugary Triple.

Though the honey still gives some impression of sugar, mango en citrus from the 5 hops will give you an unsual long and very stable taste in your mouth.

Alcohol: 9%
Plato: 20
EBC: 23
IBU: 50

Calorie:  50,4kcal  / 211kj

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 3,15 €