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B-Space Invader (33cl)

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Cuvée du Fou (33cl)

Preis 3,25 €

Dr Caligari (33CL)

Rosé / Sour / Fruity

Our own take on hte Berliner Weiss: richer and complex, with a dry finish and a refined sourness, paired with copious amounts of fresh raspberries.

Alcohol: 6,3%
Plato: 12,4

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 3,25 €

Grand Cru (33CL)

Blonde / Dry / Spicy

Our take on the classic Belgian Tripel.
We worked the yeast to get a super dry finish making this spicy and fruity strong pale a dangerously drinkable treat.

Alcohol: 9%
Plato: 16,7

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 3,50 €

Maciste (33CL)

Blonde / Bitter / Resinous

A nod to the great double IPAs that made this style so popular, Maciste is our own take to the genre, sporting truckloads of american hops this is one of our biggest and boldest IPAs ever made.

Alcohol: 8,5%
Plato: 17,7

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 3,50 €

Miss Molly (33cl)

Preis 3,25 €

Re Hop (33CL)

Blonde / Bitter / Citrusy

A solid pils malt base for the most iconic American aroma hop. Fruity with a subtle grassy bitterness, it’s designed to make both US and German tradition come together.

Alcohol: 5,0%
Plato: 17,7

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 3,15 €

Sibilla (33CL)

Blonde / Dry / Spicy

A tribute to the traditional Belgian farmhouse ale, a beer characterized by the yeast that donates a spicy bouquet with hints of pepper, cloves, honey, orange peels and flowers and a bubbly mouthfeel with well balanced dryness and bitterness for an extremely clean aftertaste.

Preis 3,25 €

Skizoid (33cl)

Preis 3,25 €

Stray Dog (33CL)

Amber / Dry / Fruity

An all british classic session ale, with a contemporary dry hopping fruitiness:

a traditional English malt base, with caramel and biscuity notes and a thin body,

fruity, tropical sweet smells and an herbal, zesty bitter finish.

Preis 2,75 €

Stria (33CL)

Blonde / Dry / Grassy

Our whole new Stria recipe makes it even more elegant and refined, making it a true Italian classic.
Our selected blend of hops make for a delicate yet complex herbal and slightly citrusy flavour, a subtle malt base perfectly balances the crisp, bitter dry finish.

Alcohol: 4,8%
Plato: 10,50

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 3,00 €

Zona Cesarini (33CL)

Blonde / Bitter / Tropical

“Zona Cesarini” is an Italian slang for “the eleventh hour”.

By adding as many hops as possible at the very last moment available,
our selection of Japanese, American,
Australian and New Zealand varieties releases an outstanding burst of tropical fruit aromas that has to be smelled to be believed.

Alcohol: 6,6%
Plato: 13,8

Packaging: 33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Preis 3,25 €