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Maciste (33CL)
Blonde / Bitter / Resinous A nod to the great double IPAs that made this style so popular, Maciste is our own take to the genre, sporting truckloads of american hops...
3,50 € Prix
Re Hop (33cl)
A hybrid between a classic European golden ale and a American pale ale. Orange and grapefruit peel notes on the palate and bouquet with an elegant herbal and spiced...
3,15 € Prix
Stray Dog (33cl)
Classic bitter ale, dry hopped with American Citra to give characteristic notes of citrus and white peach. Extremely dry, quaffable beer. Nominated as the word’s best...
2,63 € Prix

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Low Carb, Sugar Free, Craft Beer

One hundred years ago, we created 28, through our Perle 28 label. The story goes as follows: any brewery that used more than 28 grams of malt per liter faced a higher tax, so we decided to stick to our principles: quality above anything else. The result? A beer with emphasis on taste and health.

In today's saturated market, we are producing beers with exceptional lightness, no residual sugars, sweeteners, colorants and preservatives. Boasting a 30% reduction in calorie content, the extraordinary taste of a 28 craft beer is bound to pleasantly surprise consumers worldwide. Our natural brewing process may be a secret but our passion for crafts beers is loud an clear.

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